So much to see, so little time

Somehow, I never imagined that in the twilight of her life, I would be traveling the world with my mother, pictured above. In 11 years, she will be 100 years old. Unbelievable. After nine kids, and one husband, she has finally got the time to do something for herself. She likes to travel. However, glaucoma and limited funds are slowing her down a bit.

That’s where I come in. Not that I have a pile of money because I don’t. However, I do have a driver’s license and passport. Both have come in handy in recent years. We’ve managed to hit Hawaii several times, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The longer trips are becoming somewhat of an issue of late. Mom does not have the energy she used to, and osteoarthritis makes it difficult to sit in the cheap seat sections on an airplane for long periods of time. As she likes to remind me frequently, “aging sucks”.

So, we’re taking trips closer to home. Whenever I’m not working we take short road trips, heading to places not far from our Florida home. We like to visit gardens, check out unusual museums, sight see at historic sites and go to lotsa different locations to eat.

We both realize that her traveling days are numbered, but we will go as long as we can, because as Elvis Presley once sang, “There is so much world to see”.

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2 thoughts on “So much to see, so little time

    1. Thanks! It’s really a privilege to be able to travel with her. She’s one of the best traveling companions I’ve had. She packs and carries her own bags, doesn’t gripe (much) and is always ready for a new adventure.

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