Road tripping with Mom

Have you ever taken a spur-of-the-moment trip? That’s what I’m doing later this month; traveling with my elderly (89-years old) mother on a journey down memory lane.  We’re going to visit some of the places she lived while growing up in the southeast.

No more armchair travel for her!

Mom 20141011_151126
Mom at Mosquito Lagoon

My mother is determined to make the most of the outing. We’re leaving Florida behind. Making our way through Georgia, Alabama and ultimately Mississippi. It’s a very short (five-day) road trip. We know our general destinations, but we have not planned anything except our overnight accommodations. I will be doing the driving. That’s a concession my mother has had to make since her vision has worsened. We are going to take some back roads. Not stick to the interstate system the entire way. If we get lost, we don’t really mind. It will be somewhere new for both of us. We are open to suggestions for adventure.

Mom 20140504_105621_1
Black Point Wildlife Preserve

We will visit some of my mother’s old haunts; Montgomery, Birmingham, Iuka and Corinth. These were all places she lived more than 74 years ago when her dad worked for the railroad.

I anticipate that most places will not be as she remembered. She grew up experiencing small town living in Iuka, MS. It should be interesting to see whether the area has changed much since she was a kid. I’m not sure whether she will recognize the town.Mom 20140504_105903(0)

Mom is taking her AARP card, her AAA card, and her National Park Pass. Those are her main ways to stick to her budget when we travel.

We hope to find some unusual spots that we can visit. Both of us are curious by nature and love to check out the history of a region. Meet new people. Maybe we will find some great places to investigate, some excellent places to photograph and some outstanding local restaurants.

The road beckons! We can hardly wait to see what’s around the next corner. Never lose your sense of adventure!

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