South-not just a direction


Ok. I know what y’all are thinking. The South, huh; nothing exciting there. And that’s where you’d be wrong. I’m just back from a road trip with my dear ole momma. Driving from Florida, through Georgia, Alabama and then up to Mississippi and back.

Get off the great interstate highways and you will see sights that I doubt you’ll ever see up North. Sure there was plenty of kudzu along the roadways, but also roadside signs along Bible Belt backways that touted “Pray you’re going to Heaven because Hell is pretty hot”. Don’t think you’d spot that north of the Mason-Dixon line.

It’s always a delight to sample the fare at some of the roadside stands, cafes, and diners along the way. Only in the South can you find great breakfast food including country ham, biscuits and gravy (white, sausage, brown or even chocolate). Boiled peanuts are common items to be found at the roadside stands along with fresh okra, collards, Vidalia onions, peaches, and watermelons.

The natural beauty of the south is evident particularly in the many state parks in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Lots of trees, lakes, rivers, creeks and waterfalls, make for enjoyable outdoor venues.

Where else, but the South would you find such unique places as the Apron Museum or the Coon Dog Cemetery? I mean over 3,000 aprons passed down through generations of families! Poignant letters have accompanied some of the donated aprons. The Apron Museum is one of the main features of historical Iuka, Mississippi.

And the Coon Dog Graveyard in Tuscumbia, Alabama? It’s exclusive, and that’s alright. According to the official tenets, burial is only authorized for Coon Dogs. The grave markers give silent testimony and touching tributes to the relationship between dog and man. You might think either of those places were rather unusual sights, but that’s not so.

Southerners have a knack for unique names and places of business. We passed by shops like the Dollar Wang in Palatka, Florida and a roadside takeaway joint by the name of A Bag to Go in Sylvester, Georgia. And one of the South’s favorite grocery stores is called Piggly Wiggly.  Really.

So, head on down, and enjoy the sights!



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